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When planning a wedding, there are a number of things that you and your partner must decide on when planning your wedding video. The first and probably most important of theses decisions is whether or not you want video coverage at all, and if you do, will it be DIY (do it yourself), or will you hire a professional. To most couples, video coverage is quite essential. You and your partner will want to remember the day you had your matrimonial union in vivid detail. Looking for a good camera person is another decision you have to make before the wedding day as well. Weeks before the wedding if you can.

Planning Your Wedding Video

You may want to hire a professional that has been in the trade for quite some time, or a college student that is eager to take his or her skills to the field. you may hire a company that deals with video coverage and photography or tell a friend to shoot the video for them. It is entirely up to them to decide on what is most appealing to them. Whatever you decide on, you should ensure that the camera person follows your instructions on the approach the video should take, since this activity can only be done once. It is up to you and your partner to decide to do it free form, documentary style, formal, informal, by the book or off the wall.

You need to plan out the day anyway, and this info will help create the video plan too, so a script for the entire wedding video can be created.  Normally, This plan will be like a movie script for the whole day, with special instructions for each aspect of the formal and informal activities that take place. For instance, you could begin with the pre-ceremony footage, sometimes called “Love Story”, which explains how you met and fell in love. 15 to 30 minute footage will be a good length for this wedding movie.

Shooting of the day can start at the brides and/or grooms location early in the m

On the day of the wedding, you and your partner, depending on your ideas, may want to have shots of the setting of the wedding. The musicians entertaining as the guests arrive, the catering people setting up the place if it is a garden wedding the vicar or priest or the official conducting the service while preparing for the ceremony and also the preparations of both the bride and groom where the camera person has full access to bring out the pre-wedding jitters. It is wise to cover the whole ceremony as it progresses. That is why it is emphasized for a wedding to have more than one camera for full coverage.

You also need to coordinate with the minister that will be doing the marrying. The minister will tell you the rules and procedures regarding the intrusion of cameras and microphones etc. The safest thing to do is pin a lapel mic on each participant, or an arrangement of shotgun microphones, or a combination. Video is only as good as its sound track, especially during the ceremony. Bad audio = bad video.

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